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Welcome to the Banko Women Organization! We are an NGO (non-governmental organization) whose mission is to empower women in Banko, Ghana, through education, skills training, and employment opportunities.  

Our vision is to see a thriving community where women are confident, independent, and actively contribute to the development of their environment.

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We provide women in Banko and its surrounding areas with opportunities for education and employment, all founded on principles of equality and solidarity.

  • Learning Center: we offer a safe space for education, meetings, and dialogue. Currently, we run two courses: a sewing workshop and a hairdressing course, both taught by local women for local women. Additionally, we equip our students with essential knowledge on entrepreneurship, health, household management, and resilience skills.
  • BWO Hostel: not only offers employment to some of our students but also serves as a platform for hospitality training. It’s where we showcase and sell products crafted by our talented students at the Learning Center. The proceeds from our guests’ stays and tour bookings directly support the Banko Women Organization’s initiatives.


Empowering Women in Ghana: Our SDG Journey

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of global initiatives established by the United Nations to address pressing challenges like poverty, gender inequality, and environmental sustainability.We, at Banko Women Organization, empower women in Ghana through education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability initiatives. From skills training in sewing and hairdressing to promoting clean energy and access to clean water, we’re making strides towards achieving SDGs.

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Women are the foundation of our society. They nurture and educate the next generation, manage households, and shoulder immense responsibilities, especially in challenging conditions without modern conveniences like running water, washing machines, gas stoves, or pre-processed ingredients for meals. Just imagine the time and effort required for tasks like hand washing clothes and fetching water from wells or pumps.

Regrettably, not all fathers or husbands fulfill their responsibilities, leaving many women to manage everything on their own. In addition to household chores, these women often must tend to agricultural work to ensure food security for their families.


In the past, countless women had limited opportunities for higher education, often following their mothers’ paths and remaining in similar life circumstances. Sadly, even today, many women, particularly those facing poverty, lack of parental support, illness, or unintended pregnancy, continue to face significant challenges.

Banko Women Organization stands as a beacon of support for these women and their daughters. We provide employment opportunities and training, empowering them to lead independent lives and make informed decisions, free from financial constraints.


During our interactions with the women of Banko, they expressed a strong desire for a space dedicated to learning and career
development. Let me introduce you to Sadya to illustrate why such a women’s center is vital.

Sadya, in her mid-40s and a grandmother, balances caring for her six children, the youngest being just 5 years old. I share this not for judgment, but to highlight the challenges many women in Ghana face. Sadya works part-time as a cleaner at the local clinic and relies on her farm for additional income. It’s a demanding life, requiring immense energy, especially when farm yields are insufficient, particularly during lean harvests.

Now, Sadya is learning clothing-making skills. She’s adept at creating children’s clothes, with a demand for her expertise in making school uniforms, church attire, and altering second-hand clothing within her community. Normally, Sadya wouldn’t have this opportunity due to apprenticeship constraints, which demand constant presence. However, at Banko Women Organization, she can balance training with her cleaning job and farm responsibilities, ensuring she can continue supporting her family. 

Upon completion, Sadya can choose to sell her farm if time becomes a challenge, as she can earn income from home through her newfound skills.


Sadya student at BWO

This narrative showcases how the Banko Women Organization empowers women like Sadya, providing them with opportunities for economic independence and personal growth.


At Banko Women Organization, we acknowledge the challenges that both our students and teachers may face, such as poverty or family issues. To address this, we cultivate a safe and inclusive learning environment that prioritizes mutual understanding and respect. Students requiring extra support can rely on our team for guidance, flexibility, and assistance.

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Customization is our top priority. We implement a structured teaching approach that includes a detailed syllabus and regular practical assessments, allowing us to closely monitor our students’ progress at their pace. 

Our ultimate goal is to empower women in Ghana by nurturing their talents and fostering independence. We aim to instill not just professional expertise but also critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. In doing so, our students can make meaningful contributions to society and pave the way for a brighter future for themselves and their families.

hair and nailstylist madam Dorcas with her students at our women empowerment project in Ghana
seamstress madam Frema, Patricia and supervisor Dorcas at BWO learning center
extra business classes are being offered at our women empowerment organization in Ghana


Heading our training center is Dorcas, a dedicated board member who serves as the passionate manager. Alongside our two Ghanaian teachers, Dorcas ensures that the training provided is tailored to each student’s needs. She not only oversees the curriculum but also coordinates additional insights from various professionals and inspiring community figures, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. Dorcas also ensures the availability of ample learning resources.

You can find me, co-founder Patricia twice a week at the learning center. I help with the students’ assessments in the sewing workshop and give guidance and classes. And based on my management background, I support Dorcas and the teachers in running the learning center. I am also responsible for our online communication, such as this website, regular mail updates and social media.

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We recognize the importance of diversity in our courses to ensure relevance and sustainability.

Rather than producing an excess of a single profession, such as hairdressers and seamstresses, we prioritize offering a diverse range of skills and training opportunities. This approach not only aligns with market needs but also equips our students with a broader skill set, increasing their employability and entrepreneurial prospects.

Banko Women Organization aims to create a balanced workforce that meets the evolving demands of the local economy while empowering our students to thrive in various sectors.

In the near future we would like to offer the following courses:

  • Technology:  In today’s digital world, information technology is essential for everyone. We want to teach our students how to use computers and software to increase their chances on the labor market.
  • English:  English is the international language of trade and communication. By teaching our students English, we give them the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world and increase their chances of an international career.
  • Cottage Industry:  We want to teach our students how to make traditional craft products such as baskets, jewelry and pottery. This will enable them to preserve their cultural heritage and generate an income.
  • Tour Guiding and Interculturalism: Responding to the growing demand for guides in Ghana’s tourism industry, this course offers stable income prospects and opportunities for employment.


Banko Women Organization is committed to improving the lives of women in Ghana. We believe in the power of education and training to empower women and give them the opportunity to realize their dreams.

You can make a difference!

1. Support our new courses:


when we have a technology center these ladies will benefit


Help us to start new, valuable training courses in technology skills, English, entrepreneurship and tour guiding. Your contribution, no matter how small or large, helps us give more women the chance for a better future.

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We can use your help in Ghana. Share your expertise and passion by giving workshops, coaching or mentoring. Or helping with administration, translating, content creation, maintenance,  farming or other hands on tasks.

2. Experience our impact up close:

a glimpse of our lush garden and dorm terrace, guesthouse in Ghana

Stay with us:

Come stay in our BWO Hostel, a guesthouse that allows you to experience the impact of our work up close. Meet the women we train, receive exquisite cuisine, and learn more about our mission.

support us by buying the products at BWO hostel

Support our social enterprise

When you come visit us, buy our unique, handmade products in our shop, made by the women of Banko. You support their talent and creativity and help them generate an income at the same time.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the women of Banko, Ghana